Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's Day: 'Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice' by Blue Velvet

It's Father's Day, so if you're looking for an uncomfortably inappropriate song to play for your dad, what better than Morrissey's tale of a father who 'when he was a teenage boy, something got stuck in his throat.' Sugar the pill by playing him this loungetastic version by San Diego outfit Blue Velvet. Groovy video accompaniment too. Anybody recognise this 50's hearththrob? Answers on a postcard. And what do you think of this version? I have a feeling it could divide along love/hate lines. Personally, I've never been too enamoured with the original, so they're not really treading on sacred ground, unlike, say, a jazz-funk version of I Know It's Over...

Bonus Father's Day Morrissey mystery. Around 1985, in an NME interview, Morrissey mentioned a Smiths song called 'Father and Son', saying 'It's about to emerge and I'm sure it will change your life.' It never did emerge, unless under a different title. Anybody have any scraps of info on this? Leave a comment!

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